sábado, 30 de agosto de 2008

What A Doll!

IN one of the most formidable design collaborations in recent memory, Karl Lagerfeld has created a limited edition teddy bear version of himself - replete with his inimitable shades, suit, tie and 'KL' monogrammed belt - for fellow German uber-brand Steiff.
The alpaca bear, which measures 16-inches, costs £750 and is available in a strictly limited run of 2,500, will go on-sale US retailer Neiman Marcus next month. Lagerfeld has reportedly already bagged one for himself - despite insisting he wasn't a cuddly toy kind of guy as a child.
"Maybe I had one - I don't remember," he says. "I never played with anything like toys. Nothing scares me more than people with a doll collection. Frightening."
Love... the bear!!!

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