quarta-feira, 28 de março de 2007

Uma delícia

Thanks, Estupendo...

Tira a mãozinha daí...

Ana Ferreira will never forget the night Prince William grabbed her half boob!
She said, “I was a little bit drunk myself but felt something brush my breast.
“I thought it couldn’t be the future king — but now I’ve seen the picture it’s no wonder he has a smile on his face! He has big manly hands and certainly knows what to do with them.”
Prince Willy follows in his little brother's footsteps, who was caught giving a better grab to a girl last year.
No offense to Ana, but I can't tell if Willy's grabbing her breast or ribcage. She has no breasts for the grabbing!
Besides Harry really knows how to do it. Willy's the type to want to cuddle after sex. Gross.

Fresquinho, o Will!

segunda-feira, 26 de março de 2007

She's Madonna... Os óculos já cá cantam

O vestido Kimono preto e branco só há no Chiado e no Colombo (o todo preto há cá)... Não veio para o Porto... Cidade piquena...

An-dre-ah, Darling, descobri mais este fabuloso site de tributo à nossa Deusa:


Queen Latifah takes in the oceanside view as she wraps up her vacation in Maui, Hawaii, on Thursday. The singer-actress is due back to work in April on the crime caper Mad Money, which costars Katie Holmes.

Esta é a Queen Latifah??? Realmente a maquiagem é uma arte!

Britney Olhos Azuis

Britney's only been free from rehab for a few days but already it's been hectic trying to keep up. We're happy to see her smiling again and this time she even showed off some brand new blue eyes to brighten up her face. This weekend she went to a dance studio, enjoyed a girls' night out for sushi, hit the hair salon to work on her latest wig, and even had an emergency doctor appointment. While she seemed to be in good spirits earlier in the weekend, apparently she was hurting inside. It had nothing to do with Kevin's Vegas birthday party that he shared with ex-girlfriend, baby momma #1, Shar Jackson. Evidently, Ms Brit had one hell of a toothache. It was so bad that by Sunday afternoon she was at the dentist getting work done. While hospital rumors swirled like wildfire, the truth, as we know now it is that Britney had some sort of emergency work done on her teeth. Doesn't sound like a big deal but it did interrupt her busy shopping spree so that's a bitch. Way to keep the paparazzi on their toes your first week out Britney!
Podia dar-lhe para pior... fez tatoos, rapou o cabelo... Agora tem olhos azuis. Tá bem...

'M By Madonna' Access Hollywood Report

Quero os óculos e o vestido Kimono!!!!