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Feist on Sesame Street [Official Music Video]

So COOL! Agora gosto ainda mais da Leslie Feist!

24 - o Filme

We previously mentioned that Fox won't make you wait until January for a taste of some new 24. The network hopes to satiate your hunger for Jack Bauer with a 2-hour TV movie on November 23rd.
Well, new details about the film have emerged. The movie will be called 24: Exile and it's meant to tee up the show's January 2009 7th season premiere.
The movie takes place on Inauguration Day, just as Noah Daniels is handing the presidential reins to Allison Taylor, a military coup begins in a fictional African country.
Jack Bauer has escaped to Africa after Season 6 to help an old buddy who runs a school that rescues child soldiers.
As expected, Jack will save the day. Exile was shot in Africa and the storyline "was current, it was emotional and it really centered around children affected by these wars, from Rwanda to Zimbabwe," who are recruited as fighters, 24 star Kiefer Sutherland says in an interview.
He went on to say, "The idea of starting out with such an emotional, tangible thing just rooted it in kind of a human element that did not deal in a massive catastrophe, like an atomic bomb or a bioweapon hazard."

Angelina Jolie's daddy, Jon Voight, will play the 'bad' guy in the movie and in the 7th season.
Sounds hot!

Filme, Será???? Ver para crer...
Go JACK!!!!!!

Tim Gun, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia e Michael Kors: Fashionistas eles estão de volta!

Tim Gunn: Runway Fans Are Going to Get Mad - Oh yes I sure will!!

Project Runway fans, Tim Gunn has a message for you about the show’s new season: Get ready to yell at your TV.
“It’s a real roller coaster,” says Gunn of Bravo’s fifth installment of the design competition, which premieres Wednesday (9 p.m. ET). “[Fans] are going to get mad — early! There are some big surprises: Favorites won’t be there anymore, and I can only imagine how the blogs are going to explode over some of the challenge winners. We say that each season has a different DNA and boy, is that true.” – Rennie Dyball
Gunn gave PEOPLE a sneak peek of each contestant. Get to know them:

Blayne, 23:“The designers love him. His work is like his personality — exuberant. Blayne is hard to miss.”

Daniel, 25:“He’s intense — not the workroom jokester … I called him ‘the sweater.’ As in perspiration.”

Korto, 33: "Still waters run deep: She seems so quiet and reserved, almost reclusive. She’s not. Korto is going to tantalize people with her work.”

Emily, 27:“Emily is effervescent, very likable and a positive presence in the workroom. She’s a sweetheart but she’s serious about what she does.”

Jennifer, 27:“She’s very thoughtful, smart and she is driven by literature and classic films rather than the pop culture scene.”

Jerell, 28:“He’s very generous of spirit. And by that I mean he was frequently one of the first to finish and he would help other designers. And he’s wonderfully funny.”

Jerry, 32:“Jerry possesses an enormous amount of self-confidence. You can take that any way you want!”

Joe, 41:“He’s our one straight guy! He’s a guy’s guy and therefore he has a place on the show that’s very unique. Joe is also a family man and talks about what his daughters would wear.

Keith, 26:“Keith is all about innovation and experimentation. But you would never pick him out of a group as being a fashion designer — you look at him and see high school football jock.”

Kelli, 27:“She’s our rock and roller and she embraces that role. Kelli is a little ball of fire.”

Kenley, 25:“Kenley is our season five Project Runway Bettie Page. And she’s true to that role, let me tell you!”

Leanne, 27:“She’s a conceptual designer. And when the audience gets to know her she’s a person I think they’re really going to be rooting for.”

Stella, 42:“Looks are deceiving with a lot of these designers. If I saw her in a dark alley I’d run — but she’s a sweetheart!”

Suede, 37 "Suede is a good problem-solver. And he’s current and contemporary in what he produces compared to, say, a Kenley who’s a little more retro.”

Terri, 39:“I found her to be another excellent problem-solver. She knew how to make it work!”

Wesley, 23:“His designs are at the higher end of sophistication … beautiful work but there’s not a lot of risk-taking.”

oooh SEXY BOY!

In dapper secret-agent man mode, Clive Owen carries his share of baggage while filming a scene for the thriller Duplicity Sunday in London. The actor costars with his Closer castmate Julia Roberts in the spy caper.

que pinta...

Project Runway VOLTA!

Victoria Secret’s head makeup artist Linda Hay helps Heidi Klum get camera-ready before filming an Access Hollywood segment about the brand's makeup line Monday in New York City. The supermodel returns to her hosting duties when the fifth season of Project Runway premieres on Bravo on July 16.
É amanhã!

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Agora em Português

Atriz Angelina Jolie dá à luz gêmeos
Knox Leon e Vivienne Marcheline nasceram com 2,27 Kg e 2,28 Kg respectivamente.Segundo o médico da atriz, Brad Pitt acompanhou a cesariana na noite deste sábado.

A atriz americana Angelina Jolie, de 33 anos, deu à luz um casal de gêmeos na noite deste sábado (12).
Realizada no Hospital Fondation Lenval em Nice, no sul da França, a cesariana foi acompanhado pelo ator Brad Pitt, de 44 anos.
“Os bebês estão bem. A operação foi simplesmente perfeita”, disse o ginecologista Michael Sussmann à revista People.
“Angelina está muito animada. Brad Pitt estava ao seu lado”. Os gêmeos Knox Leon e Vivienne Marcheline nasceram pesando 2,27 Kg e 2,28 Kg respectivamente, de acordo com o jornal francês Nice-Matin.
Além dos gêmeos, o casal tem outros quatro filhos - três adotados (Maddox, 6 anos, Pax, 4, e Zahara, 3) e a quarta, Shiloh, a filha biológica do casal, nascida na Namíbia em 2006.
Jolie chegou ao hospital no dia 1º de julho de helicóptero e, desde então, tem um andar inteiro a sua disposição. Para evitar que paparazzi tirem fotos da atriz e de seus bebês, as janelas do quarto, que tem vista para o mar Mediterrâneo, foram cobertas com um material especial.

A exemplo do que fez na ocasião do nascimento de sua primeira filha biológica, Shiloh, Angelina Jolie parece ter negociado as fotos dos gêmeos que virão ao mundo em breve por US$ 11 milhões, segundo o jornal francês “Nice Matin”. Ao que tudo indica, uma publicação americana deve publicar as imagens. Na época do nascimento de Shiloh, as primeiras imagens da família Pitt-Jolie com o bebê renderam, segundo a imprensa internacional, US$ 4,1 milhões, que foram pagos pela revista “People” e doados para entidades que ajudam crianças pelo mundo. Depois, na época em que adotou Pax, a atriz teria vendido as fotos por US$ 2 milhões e enviado o dinheiro para o orfanato em que o pequeno vietnamita vivia.

Anjelina Jolie dá à luz um menino e uma menina!

Breaking News!
Angelina Jolie Gives Birth to Twins

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's latest joint dropped ahead of schedule.
The supercouple welcomed a son and a daughter Saturday evening at the seaside Fondation Lenval in Nice, the actress' obstetrician has announced.
Twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline were delivered via Cesarian section sometime before 10 p.m.
Dr. Michel Sussmann told the Associated Press the babies, mother and father "are doing marvelously well."
Knox arrived first and weighed 5.03 pounds, per Sussmann; Vivienne followed at 5 pounds.
Pitt was on hand to witness the womb exodus, which took place earlier than expected (conventional wisdom had the C-section taking place this Tuesday). Sussmann said the procedure was pushed up "for medical reasons," but declined to elaborate.
Jolie should be allowed to leave within a few days.
There's been no official comment from the couple's camp.
The Oscar-winning actress checked into her $500-per-night private room-with-a-view nearly two weeks ago for some prescheduled R&R.
So, the world stood by, as Jolie grew increasingly uncomfortable behind windows coated with paparazzi-blocking insulation and an Angie impostor happily modeled her expansive tummy through the window of her own room for the looky-loos down below.
"Any pictures released are either posed fakes set up by paparazzi, or, they are pictures of other patients," the hospital said in a statement Wednesday. "We hope this is clearly understood out of respect for all patients in this clinic."
Well, this clinic wasn't caring for just any patient—as far as the media were concerned, at least.
An international cordon of shutterbugs dutifully chronicled hospital visits from Pitt and their kids and Jolie's brother, James Haven, and waited for word of that inevitable first contraction, even after Sussmann announced that she might not deliver until mid-July.
The actual arrival comes weeks after it was erroneously reported that Jolie and Pitt had welcomed twin girls, Isla Marcheline and Amélie Jane, named in honor of the A-listers' own parents (Jolie's late mother was named Marcheline; Pitt's is Jane).
Earlier Saturday, reports surfaced indicating Jolie had given birth to twin girls, but a hospital spokeswoman said the stories had "wrong information."
Meanwhile, the ever-expanding clan—which, along with the newest additions, includes Maddox, 6; Pax, 4; Zahara, 3; and Shiloh, 2—have been hunkered down for the past couple months at their 1,000-acre chateau in the south of France.
And judging by the 32-year-old mother of six's take on pregnancy, Knox and Vivienne may not be the last Jolie-Pitt progeny to be welcomed to the fold.
"I love it," a pre-popped Jolie said in the July issue of Vanity Fair of being pregnant. "It makes me feel like a woman. It makes me feel that all the things about my body are suddenly there for a reason.
"It makes you feel round and supple, and to have a little life inside you is amazing."
And two lives, while no doubt taxing, was even better for Jolie, thanks in large part to her 44-year-old better half.
"I'm fortunate," she said of partner Pitt. "I think some women have a different experience depending on their partner. I think that affects it. I happen to be with somebody who finds pregnancy very sexy. So that makes me feel very sexy."
Let the countdown for No. 7 begin.

Parabéns to the happy couple!
Vão ser lindos de morrer de certeza...!