quarta-feira, 5 de julho de 2006


Madonna and her entire 150 person crew for the Confessions World Tour each found clothes that reflect their own individual styles while shopping at H&M.

The international fashion retailer agreed to provide a complete wardrobe for Madonna and her "touring family" as part of a long term agreement that includes an upcoming advertising campaign between H&M and the Material Girl.

With H&M and their world famous designers specializing in clothes for all family members, it seemed an ideal combination for the musicians, dancers, makeup artists, management and crew members of Team Madonna to have the opportunity to find exactly what they needed once they got offstage.

The entire team was given the chance to choose from H&M's latest collection which included Victorian romantics, British classics and couture inspired pieces.

In addition, Madonna worked with H&M designers to create a unique track suit to wear while she's on the road. The tracksuit comes in black, white and purple.

The top (€29.90) is narrow and feminine with a yoke and gathering and the trousers (€19.90) are fitted at the top with wide legs and detailed with zippers. "We are pleased to be able to offer this track suit to our customers by mid-August" stated H&M's head of design, Margareta van den Bosch.

The advertising campaign is scheduled to begin in August.

segunda-feira, 3 de julho de 2006


Portugal nas meias-finais do Campeonato do Mundo!

Kristin Davis é eleita por revista a mulher mais bonita do mundo

Kristin Davis desbancou muitas famosas e foi eleita como a mais bonita do mundo pela revista "Eve". A atriz da série "Sex and the city" saiu na frente de estrelas como Catherine Zeta-Jones - que ficou em segundo lugar - Eva Longoria, Halle Berry e Charlize Theron.

O editor da revista explicou o motivo pelo qual a atriz de 31 anos ficou no topo da lista.
"Kristin tem uma beleza natural. Sem contar que a presença dela na tela mostra uma mulher com muito estilo. Ela alia sex appeal com inteligência e independência".

À revista, Kristin revelou seu segredo de beleza:
"Seja confortável com o que você é naturalmente".

Na lista, Halle Berry ocupa o terceiro lugar. Depois, aparecem Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Winslet, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston e Angelina Jolie, que ficou em décimo lugar.

Linda, a nossa eterna Charlotte!

Mick Jagger a ver o Inglaterra x Portugal

Mick Jagger and his son take in England's World Cup quarter-final match at Gelsenkirchen stadium.

AHAHHA! E Perderam!!!!!

Noite Branca na festa de Elton John

Escorted by boyfriend Arun Nayar, Elizabeth Hurley makes a royal exit from her London home to attend Elton John's eighth annual White Tie and Tiara Ball on Thursday.

Par cómico

Jim Carrey brings a special plus one – date Jenny McCarthy – to the Radiohead concert in Los Angeles on Thursday. The comedic pair have been quietly seeing each other since December.

Kate Hudson has a blast going after the bad guy on the Buzz Lightyear attraction at Disneyland on Thursday. The actress's comedy You, Me and Dupree, costarring Matt Dillon and Owen Wilson, opens July 14.

Reunião de Família

Ben Affleck, wife Jennifer Garner and 7-month-old Violet start the holiday weekend Friday as a family, taking a sun-dappled walk in Boston. The threesome settled in Affleck's hometown for the summer while he shoots his directorial debut, Gone, Baby, Gone.

Boneca de trapos

Mary-Kate Olsen shows off her signature style while walking with a friend through New York City's Greenwich Village on Thursday.

Ai meu Deus, menina, que trapinhos são esses??