sexta-feira, 5 de maio de 2006

Fofocas do dia

Caros Fieis Leitores,

Vou estar fora de casa durante uma semana e volto com notícias novas dia 12!

Beijinhos da


Scarlett filma The Nanny Diaries

Scarlett Johansson takes a stroll Wednesday on the New York City set of The Nanny Diaries. But her work wasn't welcome last week at Columbia University: Annoyed students yelled "Go back to Hollywood!" when they were ousted from their picnic area for filming.

Penelope e Matthew em Alicante

A casual Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey head out for dinner in Alicante, Spain, on Wednesday. The actress is filming Manolete, about famed bullfighter Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez (played by Adrien Brody), in the city.


Johnny Depp is on the move again, leaving Nice with girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, 4-year-old son Jack and daughter Lily in tow Thursday. Depp's family feature, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men's Chest, opens this summer

Principe Harry de paraquedas

Prince Harry bids adieu to girlfriend Chelsy Davy before floating to earth during a tandem skydive in South Africa on Thursday. The royal has been in Africa to launch his AIDS charity, Sentebale, in memory of his mother, Diana.

Katie junta-se a Tom na antestreia de M:I 3

After a whirlwind Wednesday in which he took Manhattan by storm to open his Mission: Impossible III, Tom Cruise brought something extra special to the Los Angeles premiere on Thursday: Katie Holmes.

This marked the first time in weeks that the globetrotting leading man – who'd been traveling solo – had his fiancée and mother of his 2-week-old daughter back at his side in public. Pulling up to Grauman's Chinese Theater behind the wheel of a black sports car with Holmes in the passenger seat, Cruise said: "We are looking forward to seeing this.

This is Katie's first night out since we had Suri." A voluptuous-looking Holmes, already slimmed down since the last stages of her pregnancy, was wearing a loose-fitting black cocktail dress with white pumps as she clung to Cruise while he signed autographs and posed for photos.

Referring to her weight, Holmes told one fan, "I haven't lost that much yet." Still, insisted the admirer, Holmes looks amazing. "Thank you," she said. "I try to eat healthy." Asked by PEOPLE how it felt to be making her first public appearance since giving birth, Holmes smiled and said: "Wonderful." And baby Suri? "Gorgeous!" she gushed.

Holmes also said that "some very good friends" were taking care of the infant – while Cruise (wearing a black suit and sunglasses) took care of Holmes, making sure she was as much a part of his night as the fans.

As the festivities continued, someone in the crowd handed Cruise a homemade gift for Suri: four, three-inch pink knitted toy blocks, each with the letters "S," "U," "R," "I" knitted in white on the blocks. Clearly touched by the gesture, Cruise handed the blocks to Holmes and then tightly hugged the fan. "Thank you so much," he said. "This is really appreciated. I love homemade gifts. Have a wonderful summer." Added Holmes: "Thank you. They're beautiful. … That's so sweet. I know just where to put them."

quinta-feira, 4 de maio de 2006

Os noivos

O meu Afilhado Tiago e sua Mulher Sofia á saída da Igreja de São João da Foz, acabadinhos de casar!

quarta-feira, 3 de maio de 2006

Ai George...

George Clooney flashes a grin as he's mobbed by admirers at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner. The actor – who's been in Washington, D.C., speaking on war-torn Darfur – worked the crowd with dad Nick.

TomKat assinam acordo pré-nupcial

After months of legal wranglings, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have finally signed a pre-nuptial agreement, and it could make Katie a very rich lady.
Under the reported terms, Katie and her daughter, Suri, have already been gifted with a £8 million trust fund that is theirs to keep whether the marriage goes ahead or not; an additional £14 million is being set aside should the marriage fail.
The pre-nup took longer to hammer out than anticipated, reportedly because Katie's father, a divorce lawyer, is still unconvinced about the relationship. "Katie's family have always been very sceptical about this romance," a source comments. "But now this deal has been sorted out they are at least relieved that Katie and her baby will be financially secure for life, even if she doesn't marry Tom.
Tom has also made clear to Katie's parents that he was happy to give her a chunk of his money because he feels sincere in his love for her.
His attitude showed that he does love their daughter - even if they still have issues about the way she has changed since meeting him."

Marc Anthony keeps his Versace-clad wife Jennifer Lopez close at hand at the A-list Met bash. Also in attendance: Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore, Lenny Kravitz, Elizabeth Hurley and others

Sarah Jessica in Alexander McQueen

Sarah Jessica Parker gets in touch with her inner Scot in an Alexander McQueen gown at the Costume Institute gala. Her tartan frock was in keeping with the annual exhibit's theme, Anglomania, a tribute to the last 30 years of British fashion.

Mary-Kate (left) and Ashley Olsen give design house Badgley Mischka a boost by wearing their gowns to the Metropolitan Museum's star-studded Costume Institute gala in New York City on Monday.

Para não variar, horrorosas.

Barco do Amor

Prince William and girlfriend Kate Middleton soak up the sun and have some fun while yachting around the Caribbean on Monday. The couple have been staying at an exclusive resort on the island of Mustique during their weeklong romantic getaway.

Lois and Clark de novo juntos

Dean Cain swoops into Los Angeles on Tuesday to support his Lois & Clark costar Teri Hatcher at the launch party for her memoir, Burnt Toast.

Britney amanhã dá conferência de imprensa mistério

Britney Spears will tomorrow hold a mystery press conference, and even her closest allies don't know what she's going to say. Invites have been sent to VIP media reps, journalists and record industry executives and although many believe she'll take the opportunity to announce her pregnancy, she's keeping everyone in the dark. "Britney hasn't held a press conference in so long that we know it's something big," one exec comments, "pregnancy, a split, we're not sure." The truth surrounding the big event could be more banal, however: the singer is due to release her fifth album in November and given the number of industry bigwigs on the guest list, the event could simply be to announce more details about the record.

Eu aposto na gravidez!

Dolce & Gabbana desenham o vestuario da selecção italiana de futebol

Este será el diseño de vestimenta informal que lucirá el equipo nacional de fútbol de Italia, creado por los diseñadores Dolce y Stefano Gabbana. El conjunto está formado por un blazer azul de lana y unos vaqueros con una costura tricolor en el costado.