quarta-feira, 3 de maio de 2006

TomKat assinam acordo pré-nupcial

After months of legal wranglings, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have finally signed a pre-nuptial agreement, and it could make Katie a very rich lady.
Under the reported terms, Katie and her daughter, Suri, have already been gifted with a £8 million trust fund that is theirs to keep whether the marriage goes ahead or not; an additional £14 million is being set aside should the marriage fail.
The pre-nup took longer to hammer out than anticipated, reportedly because Katie's father, a divorce lawyer, is still unconvinced about the relationship. "Katie's family have always been very sceptical about this romance," a source comments. "But now this deal has been sorted out they are at least relieved that Katie and her baby will be financially secure for life, even if she doesn't marry Tom.
Tom has also made clear to Katie's parents that he was happy to give her a chunk of his money because he feels sincere in his love for her.
His attitude showed that he does love their daughter - even if they still have issues about the way she has changed since meeting him."

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