quarta-feira, 28 de março de 2007

Tira a mãozinha daí...

Ana Ferreira will never forget the night Prince William grabbed her half boob!
She said, “I was a little bit drunk myself but felt something brush my breast.
“I thought it couldn’t be the future king — but now I’ve seen the picture it’s no wonder he has a smile on his face! He has big manly hands and certainly knows what to do with them.”
Prince Willy follows in his little brother's footsteps, who was caught giving a better grab to a girl last year.
No offense to Ana, but I can't tell if Willy's grabbing her breast or ribcage. She has no breasts for the grabbing!
Besides Harry really knows how to do it. Willy's the type to want to cuddle after sex. Gross.

Fresquinho, o Will!

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