domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

Matt Damon gordo....

To puff up for his role in the upcoming crime thriller The Informant, the actor, 37, chowed down on In-N-Out burgers, guzzled beer and "basically had a great time," he has said.

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Anónimo disse...

My darling Sofia, many congratulations!

Your blog is the most amazing I have ever seen, and I took the liberty to disclose to the Buddha. All people in Tibet visit your BLOG daily, leading to learning and to meditate about life.
We are organizing a visit to Matosinhos to meditate together.
Sincerely yours and your girlfriends do Porto. I am anxious to meet you
Richard Gere

Anónimo disse...

Sofia, I do not want to stay away from you!
If Richard will visit you, I will too! Do you have a friend who has T2 to rent in Foz? I would stay as long as you want, accompanied only by my dear Mother.
Surprise: The objective is, as well as you know, of course, realize the FILM OF THE YEAR: Sophy and his wonderful BLOG
Thanks for being my friend!
Until forever,
Your Kevin Costner (when I was 30 years old)