quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2008

Britney dá aulas de dança

She hasn't seen her kids since January 3rd…..so this is the next best thing!
Britney Spears spent Monday teaching dance to children at her favorite haunt, the Millennium Dance Complex in the Valley.
According to Millennium co-owner Robert Baker, a happy and upbeat Brit Brit came in and shook each 5 year-olds hand. There were seven kids in total, and she told them, "I guess I have to introduce myself to you guys!"
Hopefully they didn't know who she was!
The music playlist for the kids included Madonna's Material Girl and True Blue.

What, no Gimme More?
Publicity seeking co-owner Baker continued, “She worked out this great little routine for them, they were dancing all over the place, she had them dancing in a circle like a choo-choo train. The kids loved it. They are having a ball right now. And Britney, she’s just drinking it up. She’s totally enjoying herself. It’s an amazing class. She and the kids are certainly enjoying the process.”
Seems like we found a new publicist for Spears!
Baker added, “Britney’s telling me that she likes this so much that she’s thinking about making it a regular thing, possibly every other week. She loves to interact with the kids, and she feels that it’s important to give back to the dance community."
You think they'd let Perezzers sign up for a class with Britney if he dressed like a 5 year-old????

AHAHAHAHAH! Luv ya Perez!!!

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