quinta-feira, 9 de março de 2006

Será que Britney tem um segredo?

Does Britney Have A Secret?
Is there something Britney isn't telling us?
We've been mulling over the possibility that Ms Spears could be back in the family way for a few weeks now...
But recent pictures of the pop star in her bikini with a slightly rounded tum could be evidence that, at last, there's, at least, one celeb mom who isn't loopy loo about getting back in shape after giving birth.
Here at Showbiz HQ, we bless Britney Spears and her cotton socks... and we won't hear a bad word said about her.
So it is with no glimmer of spite that we reveal these photos of her on the beach in Hawaii, displaying a less-than-flat stomach.
Instead, we'll let you decide for yourself whether Britters is housing a small baby bump or whether she is just taking her time to regain her pre-pregnant figure... which, by the way, is fine by us.
After all, while we bring you your daily portion of showbiz news we aren't exactly sitting here toned and buffed and looking fab in a bikini.
Hence our reason for not throwing the first stone...

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