quarta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2006

Reacções dos Nomeados aos Oscars

''It felt like I was watching TV in a dream. I'm damn near 37 years old, and I'm jumping up and down on the bed like my 10-year-old. I was a wild man.''--Hustle & Flow's Terrence Howard (na foto), who learned of the nominations by watching them on TV

''He's smooth and he's fantastic and he can dance. I'm looking forward to sharing a dance with Terrence that night.''--Junebug's Amy Adams, who says she's eager to meet nominee Howard at the Oscars

''I'll really enjoy it because it will never happen again.''--Michelle Williams, on being nominated alongside Brokeback Mountain costar and babydaddy Heath Ledger.

''We adore him. The world is better with him in it, and I think the Academy Awards will be better [with him hosting].''--Ledger, saying he and Williams are looking forward to Jon Stewart's emceeing

''I'll be drinking tonight.''--Triple nominee George Clooney

''I guess I'll go have a drink. I don't think my year could get much better… It's a wonderful thing that I got nominated but my performance is kind of meaningless without his. It doesn't make any sense to me, but I don't know how these things work. It's a drag, it's a bummer.''--Paul Giamatti, bemoaning Oscar's snub of Cinderella Man costar Russell Crowe

''It's still 8 in the morning and I'm pregnant. I can't really crack open the champagne. I'll have to have a smoothie or something.''--The Constant Gardener's Rachel Weisz

''I love that they're not tired of me!''--Steven Spielberg, on earning his 10th and 11th career nominations for producing and directing Munich

''My levels of gratitude will be overflowing all day, so I'll be making a mess as they spill all over wherever I go.''--Capote director Bennett Miller

''Waking up this early made me reminisce about being a kid, waking up early to beat traffic, so my siblings and I could make it to auditions. In all those long car rides, I never thought about awards for acting (I didn't know they existed). I was an actor because the work was rewarding. I never imagined that it would all lead to this moment. I don't possess the vocabulary to accurately express the sense of gratitude I feel for this great honor. It's made the entire journey more fulfilling than I ever expected.''--Walk the Line's Joaquin Phoenix

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